They rang last week

And the photo looks better in the paper. Ben called me and asked me a few questions which resulted in this article which appeared in the Brentwood Gazette this week: Eye for a Photo, The Brentwood Gazette.

Just in case anyone thinks I’m obsessing it’s more that we haven’t really done a lot recently so I don’t have much else to write about. I went to Leeds for work yesterday and the best part was the 1st class train travel – especially once I realised that wireless Internet access was free in the First Class carriages. I didn’t get to see much of Leeds mind, it was pretty much station to office and back again. Last weekend we visited Sharon and Kathy for a BBQ and thankfully the rain went away once we were ready to eat. Steve was there as well and he in now engaged to Wendy – you may remember Steve from our Africa trip and while Wendy wasn’t there with us she still got a few mentions. A photo from the BBQ is below (taken by Kathy). Lastly I won another competition, not on merit this time, just luck. I should shortly be receiving a Canon HV-10 video camera in the mail. I think it’ll get sold, I’d love to play with a video camera but we don’t really need it (and I need the money more than I need to give it away, sorry).

At Kathy and Sharon's for a BBQ (photo by Kathy).
At Kathy and Sharon’s for a BBQ (photo by Kathy)

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