We went to Timaru

I took very few photos on our Timaru trip, not sure why in the end. Anyway, we were visiting family and seeing niece Keira for the first time (Skype excepted). I did spend an evening taking a few photos of Keira as she did her thing, they’re up on flickr with a few here.

Playing with Grandad.

Calm and peaceful, probably planning something.

Recently we’ve had a friend staying with us while she did a placement at a nearby Steiner school. Incredibly I didn’t take any photos of Pauline while she stayed, no photos in three weeks. Anyway, on her last day I dropped her off at a Kindertarten near Evans Bay and she suggested I take some photos of the old boathouses found o the west side of the bay. So I did, and also took photos of a few other interesting things in the area.

Colourful boats.

Shed doors.

Ropes and rust.

I have also been experimenting with some photos for the Canon Photo5 competition. Here are a couple of examples.

The Bokeh category. Making shapes out of out of focus elements

The hundreds and thousands close-up category. I need to get closer, new lens time?

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