Wellington is gearing up for the World premier of the first Hobbit movie. Screening at the Embassy (and a number of other cinemas to cater for the large number of important people, media and other invited guests) in less than two weeks there will be a long red carpet and hopefully good weather. Around the city there are now street-side banners adverting the movie and the city has been re-branded as the Middle of Middle Earth. In addition a large sculpture of Gollum has appeared hanging in the food hall of Wellington Airport, a parade of dwarves and one hobbit has appeared in silhouette on top of the NZ Post building and any day now a mystery sculpture will appear above the Embassy.

Keryn is currently in Rotorua on a girlie weekend and when I dropped her off at the airport for her flight north I took a few photos of Gollum. I also stopped off on the way home to take some shots of the dwarves, and I hope to get a photo of the new Embassy sculpture on Sunday if it gets installed as scheduled (the weather might delay things).

Gollum catching fish at Wellington Airport.
Getting closer and Gollum gets a bit scarier.
Dwarves on a rooftop journey.

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