Santa Sack Fight 2012

Please excuse the poor poor poetry ;)

Twas three days from Christmas on a grey afternoon,
Wellingtonians were out shopping for gifts, all unaware,
a surprise was in store, the strangest sight to be seen,
100 Santa were in town, and soon all would stare.

Meeting in quiet corners, dressing in secret,
These Santa had a plan to bring smiles and delight,
Three city locations were targeted for a gathering,
100 Santa engaged in a giant Santa Sack fight!

They came at a run, yelling their arrival,
The people out shopping stopped and watched and wondered,
A sea of red from every direction converging from nowhere,
The fighting began, and with a Ho Ho Ho Santa was pounded.

And then, before long, a whistle would sound,
The fighting stopped, the Santa horde dispersing,
The crowd stands and claps, the cameras still snapping,
And Christmas cheer spreads, thanks to Adventure Wellington…

Getting ready.
Running to the fight.
Round 1, Civic Square.
Round 2, the waterfront.
Musical interlude.
Heading to the final location.
Round 3, Cuba Street Mall awash in Santa.
Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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