The first Melbourne days

Hello, We’ve been here in Melbourne for just over four days now. Melbourne is a lovely place (the perfect weather helps of course). We’re staying with Steve and Chris at their apartment on the edge of the central city. We nearly didn’t make it at all, we went to the Flight Centre in Whangarei the day before we were due to fly out and found that our flight had been moved forward by five hours Read more…

By Keryn, ago

Up in Whangarei

Hello, We have installed ourselves in Whangarei safely – there’s still a lot of redistribution of boxes and other stuff but it should be easy from here. The cats survived the trip well enough, no real complaints. They seem to have adapted to the new environment no problem. We took them for a bush walk this morning and they had a ball of a time. Earl takes spontaneous sprints every now and again, I don’t Read more…

By Keryn, ago