Hi, I’m Brendon and I’m a photographer. I’m also an IT worker, a husband, a lover of vegemite, craft beer and football.

Weddings by Brendon Doran
Weddings by Brendon Doran

I photograph a few weddings every year and find it challenging and rewarding. While there is always a need for the posed family shots and some direction around groups I try to fade into the background as much as possible to photography the Wedding from an observers perspective. I find many people don’t want a photographer in their faces all the time on their Wedding day and by keeping myself out of the way I find that I am better able to capture the natural reactions and moments as they happen. Contact me to find out more. Some example galleries are available via the links below:

  • Sonya & Oliver – Waiheke Island
  • Jocelyn & Jerry – Wellington
  • Lisa & David – Waiheke Island
  • Kate & Roger – Bondi, Sydney
  • Vanessa & Rhys – Whitianga
  • Travel photography by Brendon Doran
    Travel photography by Brendon Doran

    Travelling the world is a source of never ending inspiration. I’ve been lucky enough to visit many countries and see amazing sights, experience diverse cultures and photograph some wonderful places. The best thing? There is always more to see! New Zealand is home and travelling this country with a camera in hand is one of my greatest pleasures. Whether it is the forests, the beaches, the lake and rivers, the wildlife or the people there is always something interesting and unexpected around the next corner on the road. I love New Zealand and hopefully these photos go some way to expressing that feeling.

    Wildlife by Brendon Doran
    Wildlife by Brendon Doran

    The beauty and wildness of nature has always been of interest to me and I try to get out and experience the outdoors and the wildlife inhabiting these areas. New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscapes, perhaps less so for the variety of its wildlife. With the increase in mainland wildlife sanctuaries there is increasing opportunity to see a side of New Zealand wildlife previously found only in a few isolated areas.

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